Join PIEZON® maestro Andrew Terry for an exclusive to DentalCON Ultrasonics and Ergonomics Masterclass!
Perfect your technique and posture.

Back by popular demand!

Feedback from prior courses with Andrew Terry:

Andrew is an amazing instructor!

Damian, Sydney

This is the future of dental hygiene and it's being taught by the best.

Sahil, Sydney

The course was a great balance between theory and practical, with excellent demonstrations from qualified trainers.

Ryan, Melbourne

About the Workshop

Join PIEZON® maestro Andrew Terry for an exclusive to DentalCON Ultrasonics and Ergonomics masterclass with tips and tricks to optimise your patient care and your posture for the better!

Andrew Terry is returning for an exclusive to DentalCON Ultrasonics and Ergonomics Masterclass with tips and tricks to optimise your patient care and your posture for the better!

This live interactive workshop combines simulation and hands-on clinical education designed to teach dental professionals the latest, most advanced and effective PIEZON® instrumentation techniques for preventative and periodontal maintenance. Real patient cases will be utilised to prescribe instrument selection, sequencing and to assist in selecting appropriate technology that will meet the individual needs of the patient.

What will you learn?

    • The role of biofilm and calculus in treatment decision making
    • The types of power scalers available, their modes of action and considerations in selecting power scales
    • Examine the clinical evidence supporting ultrasonic instrumentation
    • Understand the integration of ultrasonic instrumentation into clinical protocols
    • How to reduce muscle stress and pain through correct ultrasonic use
    • How to determine the clinically appropriate tips for use in individual cases and the sequence they should be use
    • Ultrasonic skills that guarantee patient comfort

You’ll leave with the tools and best practices to eliminate hand fatigue, optimise your ultrasonic technique, how to make the best instrument decisions and how to save on costs. Plus get a free training tool to use at home.

Andrew Terry
About the Speaker

Andrew is a Lecturer in Dental Hygiene working for the Newly minted Faculty of Medicine of Health, School of Dentistry. He works with both the Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) programs since August 2015.

He is responsible primarily for the education of Periodontal instrumentation/screening and Oral Hygiene instruction education for both the BOH1 and DMD1&2 year levels. He supervises the clinical practice of the final year BOH3 students (Dental Hygiene stream) and also the initial Clinical Periodontal treatment provided by DMD2 students. From 2017 he was appointed as a Unit of Study Co-coordinator for BOH1 students. He is responsible also for the education/appointment of Clinical Educators for DMD1&2 Periodontics department.

Prior to attaining the role of Lecturer he has been associated with the University of Sydney as a Clinical Educator for the Bachelor of Oral Health program (BOH3) part-time between 2011 and 2015.

Andrew still works in private practice on Saturdays and has a special interest in providing caring treatment for HIV and Hep C positive patients. He undertakes volunteer oral hygiene education sessions for various HIV and HEP C positive groups from diverse backgrounds and age groups. He has worked with ACON and Positive Life NSW, Australia.

He has approximately 25 years’ clinical experience first qualifying as a Dental Therapist in QLD, Australia in 1993 and then as a Dental Hygienist in London, UK in 1998. He ratified his Australian and U.K education in Switzerland with the Swiss red cross and attained the protected title of “Dip. Dental Hygienist of Higher Education”. He has worked in Townsville, Brisbane, London and Zurich. He has been based in Sydney for 12 years now.

He currently has two educational research articles close to publication and upon completion of his Masters in Education at the end of 2019 looks to embark on more Oral Hygiene Product focused research under the supervision of Professor Axel Spahr.

8:00am - 12:30pm

EMS Oceania - Centre of Excellence



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