How to Supercharge your Hygiene Department for Business Growth

Speaker: Dr Tony Saad

About the Workshop

Higher interest rates mean tightening pockets around the country. What remains unchanged during a difficult economic period, is a preventive care and patient education program. Everyone needs to see a hygienist because biofilm never stops re-accumulating. Our hygiene departments should be front and centre. It’s an easily achievable on-going revenue stream.

Join practice owner and dentist Dr Tony Saad for this empowering workshop intended for dentists and business owners who are interested in implementing an advanced patient centred hygiene program. A program that empowers the entire team while increasing hygiene productivity and profitability.

What will you learn?

  • The importance of knowing your practice’s financial numbers
  • How to determine sources of increased revenue
  • Purchasing products to super charge your hygiene department

In an economy where everything is in a continual state of flux, building the pathway to heightened production for your hygienists is the key to driving your practice’s production to new, soaring heights.

The workshop is aimed at Dentists and Business Owners.

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