Know your Numbers, Know your Hygiene Business:
The Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Therapist's role in business success and purchasing equipment

Speakers: Joseline Fraser (Henry Schein One) and Tony Kalmin (Credabl) 

About the Workshop

Dental hygienists & Oral Health Therapists play a huge role in practice growth and productivity. They are the ambassador/the face of the practice. It is the Hygienist who sets the stage for and presents the benefits of a comprehensive dental treatment which leads to other revenue generating services within the practice. But do you know the value that you bring to your practice? Do you know what percentage of the total gross production you provide, the percentage of periodontal procedures, salary/production ratio, downtime percentage etc? Knowing these numbers are important but how do you find them and present them?

Join Joseline Fraser from Henry Schein One as she helps dissect what production statistics are vital for all Hygienists to know and how to present them.

Following Joseline and with your valuable statistics at hand, Tony Kalmin from Credbl will help you finance your own equipment or show you how to present an easier way your practice can invest in equipment.

Whilst your boss is responsible for many aspects of your work environment, there is nothing to prevent you from owning your own equipment. Like a painter who likes to use a certain brush, or a teacher that favours a book to read to their students, we have a lot to say about the equipment we want to use. Now is the time to empower yourself!

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